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Angora rabbits are descendants of domestic rabbits bred from the wild European rabbit. Although tales of angora rabbits coming from the Ankara region of Turkey have circulated for years, the actual region of origin is most likely France. The first recorded evidence of wool producing rabbits was in France during the 1700's. French peasants raised rabbits and harvested the wool that was reserved for the French royal family. Over time a few animals made it to England where they were acclaimed not only for their wool, but also bred for show and their appearance. This was the beginning of the English Angora breed known for it's wool coverage over their entire body. The original "French Angoras" were selectively bred to produce more harvestable wool whilst the English Angoras were bred more for their show appeal. Through the years the Germans developed a commercial strain of angora rabbit, increasing their size, coverage and ultimate yield. In the US, breeders imported stock from Europe and also developed two American breeds: The Giant and Satin Angoras. For more information about US breeds visit the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.

At Higher Ground Farm our wool comes from the herd of French Angora rabbits bred to the ARBA Standard of Perfection and for their unique wool. Most angora wool available in the US is imported from China and a much different length-quality as privately grown US wool. Our selective breeding program focuses on breeding French Angoras that not only effeciently produce high quality-yielding fleeces but are also healthy, structurally sound rabbits. Staple growth averages one inch per month. Most of our wool is harvested at 4 inches for optimal processing length although a very few rabbits are selected to grow longer show coats.Problems with shedding angora garments are often related to much shorter staple length breakage during processing. Our French Angora wool is not only soft but due to the guard hair distribution provides an ultra-soft product with a durable halo. Angora also blends well with our mohair and Shetland wool. HGF French Angoras have won top national awards in addition to major fleece and skein competitions.