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HGF Japheth - Black Buck

Sire: Hillshepherd Isaah Dam: HGF Maureen O'Haira
1st Adult Buck: 2013 CAGR National Show, Michigan Fiber Festival. Japheth is a 2011 kid who qualified to become a herdsire with his fine, soft, uniform fleece. He is out of my favorite goats and carries not only color intensity but also great coverage/yield.

HGF Canaan - Red Buck

Sire: Hill Shepherd Isaah Dam: MW Beauty
1st Adult Buck: 2013 CAGBA National Show and offspring were 2nd Get of Sire - Estes Park Wool Market, Estes Park, CO. Canaan is a 2008 kid who was the first HGF buck to be retained as a herdsire. He has maintained a fine fleece even at 5 years of age and consistently produces offspring with his fleece characteristics.

EMF Clyde Parker - 2013 Breeding Sire

Eureka Mohair Farm Clyde Parker - champion buck at the 2011 Black Sheep gathering.

Reference Bucks

Hill Shepherd Isaiah - Black Buck

Sired by 2007 CAGBA champion buck - CAGBA National Show, Rhinebeck, NY.

Eureka Mohair Farm Psylock - Fading Red Buck

2006 Buck. Excellent fineness, character, evenness, and breed character.